For many years Londonderry Self Storage has been helping growing families and businesses throughout New Hampshire by providing a variety of safe, secure storage solutions to meet their unique needs. We understand that you have a number of options when choosing a storage facility. We know that when you consider price, convenience and security, you’ll choose Londonderry Self Storage. LSS08
We provide pricing options that are the most competitive in the storage industry. When it comes to convenience we go the extra mile. All of our storage units are easily accessible, and we have on-site moving and storage materials available.

We take security seriously. That’s why we provide active and passive security measures to ensure the safety of our customers and their belongings including keyed access and perimeter lighting.

In addition to protecting your belongings from theft and vandalism, we also ensure their safety from pests and the elements. All of our facilities are inspected routinely for structural integrity to prevent damage to your valuable belongings that could result from exposure to weather and pests.

LSS03Contact us at (603) 432-9600 or via our secure contact form for availability, pricing and to discuss all your storage needs.